Funny piece about ‘bosozoku’

The April 18 article “Documentary chronicles disappearing world of ‘bosozoku (biker gangs)” was funny! Kazuhiro Hazuki, a former gang leader, is quoted as saying he couldn’t stomach the violence of being a yakuza loan shark, so he became a kick boxer.

The director of the biker documentary says of Hazuki: “Even though he became a yakuza, he is not a yakuza, he is a bosozoku.” Huh? The director seems to think bosozoku are something other than dumb criminals — a subculture worthy of respect. Wrong.

When asked what I didn’t like about Japan, I used to say bosozoku and natto (fermented bean curd). I clearly remember the children waking up screaming as the motorheads on their loud motorbikes shared their antisocial hatred with the rest of society.

Now the police are more strict? More power to ’em! Now I can say that my part of town is much quieter and a more pleasant place to live. Life is better without bikers, but I still don’t like natto!

mike thompson

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  • Roan Suda

    I love natto but share Mike Thompson’s loathing of the bosozoku, particularly as I live in Chiba Prefecture, whose peninsula is, of course, the Boso-hanto. Years ago the kanji homonyms were used to form an untranslatable slogan urging residents not to let the area be renamed for the hell-raisers. It was a fine idea, but the practice of the police was to do nothing on Saturday night and then go out on Sunday morning to nail the smallest bikes and the wimpiest lone bikers for any and all minor traffic infractions.