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Regarding the Sept. 10 article “Japan minister Matsushita found dead at home in possible suicide: police”: The heads of Japanese ministries and companies must understand that suicide is not noble. It brings shame to families and everyone around them.

It’s possible for a minister or company head in any field to be framed because of greed, selfishness or the desire to protect oneself. But no matter what the circumstances, suicide should be the last resort. Money is important, but think of the pain caused to family members. It is a big stigma that those left behind must endure for their entire lives.

We aren’t living in the Edo Period. Committing suicide is an escape from the truth that one knows and that one must resolve. Never give up. Find out the truth even if it means causing an earthquake in the reality of things. Never give those who would benefit from your death the satisfaction of victory. Real victory is spending a lifetime saving companies or an industry.

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tara tan

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