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Regarding the Aug. 12 Jiji Press article “Radioactive fallout from Fukushima nuclear meltdowns (in 2011) caused abnormalities in Japan’s butterflies“: And they could only find nuclear sins in innocent butterflies?

Do you know that American writer Mark Twain knew two-headed turtles and six-legged toads and other such freak creatures? Which nuclear plant did he live near? I wonder.

It’s funny how these butterfly and bio studies always assume that radiation is at fault in an environment that was flooded by a tsunami laced with chemicals, sludge, sewage, pesticides, gasoline and God-knows-what-else-swept-inland.

I hope the public is hip enough to know that there are many other ways to induce mutations and that discounting — by not even mentioning — other environmental factors suggests that the so-called experts are only looking for a fast easy path to knock nuclear power with the radiation blame.

Get the World Health Organization and other renowned institutions to back up such studies, then I’ll put credence in them.

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james greenidge

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