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Concerning the July 24 front-page article “Ospreys reach Iwakuni; protest held“: I think those opposed to the Osprey’s deployment are being foolish and disingenuous. I feel for Okinawans, who carry the heaviest burden among Japan’s prefectures in hosting U.S. military facilities. But right now, that’s the way it is. Japan is dependent on the U.S. military presence for its protection.

Until the day comes when that dependence is no longer needed — and I hope that day comes, because I do feel that the Japanese are more than capable of providing for their own self-defense, though it will be far more expensive for Japan than the current situation — they will have to trust the U.S. military leadership’s decision making on the forces needed to maintain readiness. This is the greatest deterrence against war and aggression.

If the Ospreys were not considered safe in a society as litigious as the United States, they would not be deployed. Imagine the lawsuits in the U.S. if it became public knowledge that Ospreys were deployed when authorities knew they were unsafe. Everyone is concerned about safety, particularly those tasked to fly them.

My suspicions are that the Osprey safety issue is just a canard for those opposed in general to the U.S. military presence in Japan and Okinawa. Just be honest: If you oppose the American military presence in Japan, say so and explain why, and put forth alternative solutions, but please don’t invent excuses.

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james gavin

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