• Nichinan, Miyazaki


Regarding the July 10 editorial, “The health of America“: As someone who has lived in America most of my life, I’m scared to go back. I’m currently living in Japan and participate in Japan’s universal health care system. When I graduated from college, I had no health care plan and could not afford to get insurance in America. It was a nightmare. If I got sick, it was easy to stay home, and even easier to lose my job by taking time off to rest.

I’ve been in Japan three years now and I can relax knowing that my money goes to pay for everything I need. I’ve never waited for medical services, and I’m glad to know that what I pay, in the form of medical taxes, helps the many elderly people in my city. Since when have some people gotten so selfish?

Yes, the health care system is expensive, but everyone who needs medical help can find it. Of course, the system is not perfect — no country’s is — but the relief of knowing I can get help gives peace of mind that I’m willing to pay for.

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kelly madison

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