• Kaneohe, Hawaii


Regarding Ralph Cossa’s and Brad Glosserman’s May 24 article, “Beijing’s North Korea policy only emboldens Pyongyang“: In presuming to tell China how to deal with North Korea “in its own interests,” the authors display astounding arrogance and bellicose bias. It is quite logical for North Korea to strive for a nuclear deterrent as a counter to U.S. threats to attack it or to force regime change. Only people with political blinders cannot understand that.

And it is simply not in China’s interest for North Korea to collapse and form another pro-U.S. state on its border. Despite U.S. pressure, China — especially its military — is unlikely to withdraw its support. Cossa, Glosserman and the U.S. government can howl at the moon all they want, but it isn’t going to change much.

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mark j. valencia

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