• Winona, Missouri


Regarding the April 26 Jiji article “Government to roll out new energy-efficiency system for homes“: In the future most energy- efficient homes will be located far from downtown urban centers simply because land prices are more affordable the farther you move away from the congested and highly commercial districts of most cities. Pity that the government will favor houses closer to urban centers because this will limit the number of homebuyers eligible for an energy-saving/CO₂-cutting tax break.

I would suggest that all energy-efficent homes receive a tax break just to give everyone the incentive to buy or build “Green homes”, homes that will help to reduce global warming, air pollution and energy waste. The argument that homeowners living closer to the city center will drive less is not necessarily true. Many of these urban dwellers will drive out to the suburbs or rural areas to shop or sightsee. Japan, like America, is an automobile culture despite the recent increase in gasoline prices.

Energy-efficient homes and businesses should not only be encouraged but also mandated by the government. Global warming is reason enough, but last year’s nuclear disaster at Fukushima should silence any arguments to the contrary. Reducing energy consumption should be the civic duty of every Japanese citizen.

Ask the folks who had to flee Fukushima why energy conservation is an idea worth promoting with tax breaks to all energy-efficient homeowners.

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robert mckinney

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