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Poor analogies aside, the reasoning in Jennifer Kim’s March 4 letter, “Poor analogies to ‘gay marriage,” borders on the ludicrous. Kim imagines that she and another reader hold the majority opinion on some unclear issue. Readers may wonder, what precisely is this issue on which the majority opinion, according to Kim, is “demonized so much”?

Whether it be defense of traditional marriage or opposition to gay marriage, Kim fails to offer much more than an empty emotional response.

The very term “majority” is distorted. The majority with which Kim so fervently wants to side is, in reality, likely unknown — even to her. The majority in fact walk the Earth caring nothing at all about the thousands of people milling about every day.

Not until some seemingly important notion crosses the mind of a member of these masses do issues arise.

The majority do not care about interracial marriage, childless heterosexual couples, or gay marriage until faced with the imagined issue. Much ado about nothing, the issue of defending traditional marriage is just more grist for the mill.

Let it be, for Pete’s sake.

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chris clancy

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