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Regarding the Jan. 13 front-page article “Iranian oil imports to be cut to aid U.S. pressure“: Politicians in the Diet seem to forget, or to not even know, that at one time (mid-19th century) Japan was doing fine on its own when U.S. warships showed up on its doorstep and demanded entry. This neighborly gesture was backed up with a threat to use force if Japan did not cooperate.

More than a century and a half later the United States is now trying to enlist Japan into its most recent warlike neighborly policies by trying to get Tokyo to join it in a harmful oil boycott of Iran so that Washington can continue its hostilities.

Why should the Western powers, China and North. Korea be the only ones with atomic weapons? Are they the only good guys? Washington makes war at will while using every guise to show that its motives are honorable.

Tokyo ought to consider cutting its ties with America and thinking for itself. It should not be drawn into potential hostilities and harm while serving at the beck and call of the warmongers at the Pentagon. There is a slogan that says: “Let’s you and him fight. I’ll stand back and watch.”

Isn’t it about time that Japan stood on its own two feet and left America to its own decline?

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andrew betancourt

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