• Yakushima, Kagoshima


Regarding the Nov. 11 editorial “Nuclear export policy misguided“: It would be interesting to get a list of countries to which Japan’s nuclear know-how has been, and will be, exported. Vietnam and India are mentioned in the editorial as was Jordan before. From a European news source, I learned that Turkey is also on the list, despite all the seismic activity in that country.

Which companies are to benefit from this export policy? Toshiba, Hitachi? It seems to me that the Japanese government would create more jobs if it focused on developing new technologies for using natural resources readily available domestically. So far, all a homeowner can do is invest in a solar system. How about a geothermal power plant for the neighborhood or a hydro-generator for the farmer? Can’t “small” be beautiful and more desirable than centralized plants that are easily controlled by a power elite?

Engineers and others might be grateful to be put to work on smaller-scale power generation systems, rather than on giant single-unit projects. And let the farmers be part of it, too.

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rainer kaminski

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