• Sagamihara, Kanagawa


Looking at Tokyo Electric Power Co. workers struggling to solve what seem like unsolvable technical difficulties; damaged nuclear reactor emissions contaminating the air, land and sea; dairy people draining precious milk into a ditch; farmers unable to sell vegetables in the market; fishermen unable to sell their catch; and people who’ve had to evacuate from their homes, I firmly believe that the nuclear energy industry should be totally stopped.

Mankind hasn’t learned techniques adequate enough for handling the mysterious power of the atom’s nucleus. I don’t wish to sound like a Luddite, but the effort to get energy by breaking the nucleus of uranium atoms is arrogant and infringes on God’s territory. So far, the splitting of the atom has done more damage than service to human welfare.

Man should exert a greater effort to produce electricity from the sun’s heat, underground heat, wind power, and ocean waves. We should plant trees and grasses in desert areas to increase the absorption of carbon dioxide through photosynthesis.

It is sad to realize that all nuclear power plants are emitting radioactive substances into the environment. Nothing seems more horrifying at this point.

I think that the United Nations and leaders of countries that can’t produce enough food for themselves should push family planning to reduce the demand for energy.

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naoshi koriyama

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