As a resident of Koto Ward in Tokyo with an infant son, I am very concerned when The Japan Times publishes vague articles about highly radioactive ash being found in Koto Ward (“Radioactive ash found in Tokyo after March 11“).

I want to ask the editor why the article is so vague? Why aren’t reporters demanding more facts?

The situation in Japan is being made much worse because everyone knows government officials and Tokyo Electric Power Co. officials are lying and that there is no “safe” dosage of radiation. If officials refuse to be honest about the situation, why aren’t reporters demanding detailed information?

Worried about my infant son’s safety, I evacuated my wife and son to Fukuoka Prefecture, but Koto Ward government officials and Justice Ministry officials are harassing my wife because she evacuated from Tokyo. As officials say Tokyo is safe, they will not recognize her legally as an evacuee and will not allow her to get legal documents by mail to renew her Japanese visa. They demand that she return to Tokyo.

If highly radioactive ash is in Koto Ward, I do not want my son or wife to return. I must stay because I need to earn money to support my family from my jobs in Tokyo. In the face of the outright lies coming from officials and the failure of the mass media to demand accurate information, all residents of Japan should demand the immediate closing of all nuclear power plants in Japan. Our children’s health is too high a price to pay for the convenient lifestyle of a grossly overconsumptive society.

We must immediately learn to do without so-called conveniences that threaten the health of plants, animals and humans. Please give more factual details in your news reports. I want to know the radioactive ash situation in Koto Ward.

The opinions expressed in this letter to the editor are the writer’s own and do not necessarily reflect the policies of The Japan Times.

john bernhart

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