• Takasaki, Gunma


Regarding the April 13 article “Fukushima crisis now at Chernobyl level“: It is somewhat terrifying that the severity level of the Fukushima nuclear plant crisis level has been raised to level 7.

However, I do agree with what Nuclear and Industrial Safety Agency (NISA) spokesman Hidehiko Nishiyama’s comment that it’s considerably different from Chernobyl.

First, the reactor core at Chernobyl went into a “meltdown” and blew the top of the reactor into the air. And the radiation leak that followed could not be helped.

Second, there was no extra assistance offered to prevent the disaster from foreign countries. Japan is in the unique position to enlist hundreds of volunteer nuclear experts to help prevent the crisis from expanding. Yet, as far as I have heard from the news, neither Tokyo Electric Power Co. nor the Japanese government has asked these people for help. The question begging an answer is why? Why put all us citizens and residents at risk? There is too much misinformation and there are definitely too many delays in repairs and containment.

And releasing contaminated water into the ocean is just screaming for more punishment. God forbid that another offshore earthquake causes another tsunami that brings all that radioactive water back onto land.

I sympathize with the multitudes protesting nuclear power plants, but what they really should be doing is protesting the lack of good sense and demand that Tepco and the government take advantage of foreign expertise just waiting to assist in the crisis.

The eyes of the world are fixed heavily on Japan, and you can bet that not using all the help Japan has been offered will significantly damage Japan’s image, the economy and diplomatic relations. Something needs to be done now.

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daniel potocki

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