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One year ago we watched our pet dog die a relatively fast but painful death. A very long time ago, Japanese in some parts of the country would carry their old and fragile up a mountain to let them pass on. Today they encourage people not to give up with the phrase “gambare.” In the United States I have seen pets and people euthanized. I am not God and don’t know if euthanasia is right; still, it only affects a few.

Tokyo Electric Power Co., on the other hand, has several nuclear plants that are going to die, but it refuses to “kill” them with boric acid, sand and concrete. It should cover up the mess as soon as possible because millions if not hundreds of millions of people are affected. I will be happy to flip off the power switch.

I hope the Japanese people take the past 20 years of economic decline that the government leveled on them and wake up. God did not cause three disasters (from a quake, tsunami and the Fukushima nuclear plant). Anyone who believes this is just a fearmongering egotistic maniac. I have traveled the world and have yet to meet anyone who has really talked with God.

These disasters will come to an end sooner or later. From these disasters comes an opportunity to create a new Japan that is the energy-efficient marvel of the world. Instead of the Japanese government giving trillions of yen to the hedge funds, which do nothing for society, to prop up Japan’s stock market, it should invest in research and development in the energy field. Put “made in Japan” solar panels and energy-making windows on every building.

Think out of the box. Millions of people walk every day in Japan’s train stations. Can’t that somehow be converted into electricity? Creativity can pull Japan out of the doldrums.

george lundberg

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