Thank you for publishing Gregory Clark’s March 1 article, “Wrong choice in Kosovo.” The key error to ponder when considering the disaster that is Kosovo can be summarized very simply: The West chose sides in a civil war where no side was innocent. The recent murder of American servicemen at the hands of a Kosovo Albanian in Frankfurt, Germany, demonstrates yet again that we consistently chose the wrong sides in the Yugoslav conflicts.

As a consequence, American and other Westerners can expect more of these terrorist incidents, or “blowback,” because of the pro-Muslim, anti-Serbian policies initiated in the Balkans largely by the Clinton administration and now continued by Hillary Clinton in the Obama administration.

For the sake of establishing Camp Bondsteel in Kosovo, the United States illegally bombed the Serbs to ethnically cleanse them from the Serbian province and stole their land by granting Kosovo illegal independence.

Now the Mafia-like drug- and sex slave-running state has become Europe’s black hole and safe haven for Islamic extremist terrorism under NATO’s blind eye.

America needs to dramatically alter its foreign policy in the Balkans as soon as possible by first rescinding recognition of Kosovo’s phony and illegal independence.

michael pravica

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