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Regarding Alex Martin’s Jan. 14 article, “Young men, couples shunning sex“: Maybe it’s the growing intrusion of technology into our lives that encourages a corresponding insularity that partly accounts for the rise of disinterest in sex among teenage boys and young adult men. Yet, the advice that young people “should also understand that sex can be a very fun and fulfilling activity” feels at odds with the many decades of feminist ideology that modern cultures have absorbed — which might also explain the phenomenon: Sex is good and healthy and normal, but don’t have sex, don’t behave sexually.

All cultures have regulatory codes regarding fecundity, but maybe modern men and women are just giving up on each other — as well as the institution of marriage and parenthood, too — in greater numbers because of the spiraling increase of regulations — not to mention mixed messages — that we are burdened with. Especially negative regulations.

There are so many “don’ts” involved with modern females that more and more of us — not me, but some others — can’t even think about, touch or — heaven forbid — actually have intercourse with them without risking unemployment, litigation or prison. It is a lot safer to stay at home and live as a celibate, or else purchase sex from rental ladies, or else cultivate a profound fantasy life — something that otaku culture here lends itself to.

grant piper

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