• Nagoya


Regarding the Jan. 17 editorial “Students feel heat of joblessness“: I am a third-year university student, and currently feel the difficulty in job hunting. Most of my friends have dyed their hair black, and they rack their brains every day filling out application forms. They often come to school in suits before or after visiting companies. Sometimes they skip a class because of a job fair or screening.

Is this what students should be doing? They spend so much time weekdays and weekends on job hunting that there’s no time for part-time jobs. It’s a serious problem because the cost of transportation for job hunting is very high. The money that students have saved goes toward it. Even if they do their best, there is no guarantee they’ll get suitable jobs. This situation is nothing other than a result of the economic recession.

I don’t have to job-hunt because I’m planning to work and study abroad after graduation. But I get anxious watching my friends who are trying their hardest to get jobs. So, I’ll be very happy if the government tells companies to consider job-seekers as “new graduates” even after three years have passed since their graduation from university.

misa zekko

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