I was shocked by the opinions expressed in the Dec. 22 article “Level playing field for immigrants: responses” — except by the opinion from the person whose name was withheld, who possibly suffered real discrimination.

Columnist Debito Arudou is a Japanese citizen who went through the experience of naturalization. Therefore, he is perfectly in his right and role when he places himself in the public debate concerning the future of his country.

But I think it is about time to increase the ethnic/cultural and social diversity of comments made in this publication, meaning outside of the American world. It is clear that expatriates and economical migrants do not have the same view of Japan. I would like to hear the opinions of people working in Japanese plants — if there are instances of discrimination these people are the ones to suffer — as well as the opinions of expatriates from among the French, who are particularly active in Japan, Spaniards, Italians and South American people, also great lovers of this country but whom we rarely hear from here.

nicolas centa