In his Dec. 10 letter, Daniel Hoani writes that the Okinawan people are “paying the price for an evil war” that their country started 68 years ago. He should realize that the Okinawan people did not start that war. He goes on to say that discontent by a few Okinawans (over the U.S. military presence) is a sign of the “disrespect and lack of appreciation for how America and its allies helped rebuild the islands.”

Many Okinawans — not just a few — are against having a marine base at Henoko. I think the Washington and Tokyo governments should try to find some other place for relocating the Futenma air station at Ginowan besides the Henoko district in Nago. How about Guam, Iwojima or even Hawaii?

Okinawans’ wishes should be respected and honored since Okinawa belongs to them. They don’t want to see their beautiful beach at Henoko destroyed for a military base. Since the United States no longer faces an immediate security threat, it should stop building up military bases as if it’s always preparing for war.

With global warming threatening the entire world, it’s about time that human beings realized the futility, foolishness, wastefulness and horror of war, and placed importance on how to use Earth’s available resources for the good of humanity.

naoshi koriyama