Regarding the Dec. 2 article “Polls’ built-in bias may skew climate views“: I was dumbfounded by the assertion in the article that Japanese are among the world’s most educated when it comes to the realities of climate change. From my observation, Japanese appear to be among the world’s most uneducated as to the causes of climate change, at least as far as the average motorist is concerned.

How else can one explain the ubiquitous, ever-idling engines? On every street, carpark, supermarket forecourt, one may find cars and trucks parked with their engine running. Why? It can only be from plain, dumb ignorance. Or, if these drivers are so aware of the harmful effects of carbon dioxide emissions, perhaps it is simply a kind of antisocial vindictiveness.

I prefer to believe the former and hope that to help achieve the new government’s emissions target, we may see a serious information campaign to counter this senseless practice.

ivor kaplin