I am glad to see that The Japan Times is publishing in-depth articles on scientific topics such as the “Our growing Earth?” series on geology by Jeff Ogrisseg. But these articles prompt a reminder of an all too common logical fallacy: “Albert Einstein got bad grades in school. I am getting bad grades. Therefore, I am a genius.”

The current widely accepted theory of plate tectonics was once widely dismissed, but this cannot be used to argue that another theory, currently dismissed, should become accepted. Nearly all theories are wrong.

The expanding Earth theory must explain where all the additional mass comes from. This is not some minor detail. We are talking about a planet’s worth. To explain it, the expanding earth theorizers must overturn a great deal of established physics. Of course, all those physicists might be wrong, too, but I wouldn’t put money on it. And, by the way, I am not a geologist.

tobias baskin