I would like to reply to Denis McGowan’s Nov. 15 letter, “Kids cut off from caring fathers.” Many people have personal problems and I’ve been through my share, yet I would not shout them out in a newspaper. The person in the article cited by McGowan (“Fatally flawed math of risking it all in Japan,” Nov. 3) seems to want sympathy as he parades his personal problems before us. Frankly I have no sympathy for him.

Remember, whenever there are problems in a marriage, there are two people involved. The person in the article describes his wife as an absolute ogre, and himself as the wronged innocent. Is it true that he did nothing to contribute to the situation? If so, how could he not discover that his wife was such a monster before getting married and having kids? That’s what dating is for.

I really get angry when people have problems and blame Japan. They say Japan must change to fit their happiness. It is the other way around. A person must adjust to the society one lives in. And I think here we have a bit of understanding of the problem. This person cannot adjust to life. He should grow up: Fight back. Get a girlfriend. Go to her workplace and tell everybody what a terror she is. Do something but quit whining.

max von schuler-kobayashi