Regarding the Aug. 13 article “Kirin-Suntory talks reflect global business realities“: As usual, it’s the big companies in Japan that are demonstrating the business acumen that made them leaders in their markets. Suntory Holdings Ltd. and Kirin Holdings Co. are smart to realize that they stand a good chance of continuing to succeed through a (pending) merger, or at least to survive through harsh economic conditions.

Meanwhile, the expression “mergers and acquisitions” seems almost taboo for the various small- and medium-size enterprises (SMEs) that the main political parties keep telling us are in need of support. Rather than take steps by themselves to stay in business and safeguard their futures, the SMEs apparently would rather rely on government handouts. It is little wonder that the domestic economy in Japan is moribund and stagnant. Kirin and Suntory recognize that we are living in an age in which only a few small businesses can survive. Others should learn from their example.

simon foston