• Osaka


to the anonymous writer of the June 28 letter “Whaling subsidies are not wasted,” whales are consuming a large majority of the fish in the oceans. Unfortunately, the author seems to have the facts wrong. There are innumerable accounts of oceans, bays and rivers teeming with fish before the dawn of industrial fishing. This is also before humans hunted whales close to extinction. Fast-forward to today and the oceans and waterways of the world have never been in a worse state. With fish stocks at all-time lows, the claim is made that whales, whose populations are still in despair, are to be blamed? Nonsense.

The writer says livestock sometimes are not safe to eat. Yet, mercury levels in dolphins and whales are unreasonably high, especially in Japan’s coastal waters. The writer says livestock requires vast amounts of water; I hope the writer realizes that fish require much more. Whaling has not only been one of Japan’s biggest wastes of tax money but also ruined its reputation as a cooperative nation due to the controversy. If Japanese people were informed about whaling and the effect it has on their environment and economy, I am sure people would refuse to support such a ridiculous program.

jon l.

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