• Zushi, Kanagawa


I would like to commend Jennifer Kim for speaking out against the glorification of promiscuity (in the film “Milk”) in her May 14 letter, “Promiscuous lifestyle led nowhere.” Other recent output from Hollywood, including “Brokeback Mountain,” seems to be an attempt to legitimize a lifestyle that includes the many social problems that Kim referred to.

Any criticism of the gay tendency toward promiscuity is often met by a refusal to address the issue, and a personal attack on the writer as “homophobic.”

I agree that there is promiscuity in all lifestyles, but that should not be a rationale or an acceptance of the problem. If, as the writer of another letter advised, lives can be lived in productive and meaningful ways amid unrestrained and reckless promiscuity, then it stands to reason that any depravity could be forgiven if the end result was a productive and meaningful life with output appreciated by millions.

I agree with Kim that we need to re-evaluate the role models offered up by Hollywood, and choose people who would establish a proper moral and upright standard for our children — not individuals who led a promiscuous and depraved lifestyle, no matter how productive and meaningful the life was.

philip duncan

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