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Debito Arudo’s screeds are always a bewildering maelstrom of contradictory logic and jaw-grating angst (on his part), from his declarations of “racist paradigms” rife in the country he chose to nationalize in, to his visceral hatred toward an non-melting pot Japan, but I had to laugh especially hard at his April 7 column, ” ‘Golden parachutes’ mark failure of race-based policy

Arudo has made an ugly and unwieldy cottage industry out of maligning the use of the word “gaijin” in favor of the more formal “gaikokujin.” In his most recent diatribe, however, he repeatedly used the word “nikkei” to describe a group of people usually referred to in polite discussion as “nikkeijin” As “jin” means person or people, it would seem that Arudo is guilty himself of denying basic humanity to those beneficiaries of his self-appointed crusade.

jeff takada

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