• Nagoya, Aichi


The content of the March 11 front-page wire service article “Obama scraps stem-cell limits” proved once again that the mainstream U.S. press cannot be trusted to report accurately. The article gave the impression that no research is being done on embryonic stem cells in the United States, which is wrong. That research is not banned and private companies are free to fund it, but they do not. Why? Because adult stem cells have already produced more than 50 treatments, while embryonic stem cells have produced zero.

The article also quoted the all-too-common tagline that this was a victory for “science” and that “science” should decide such issues. “Science” cannot decide anything; people do, and if people decide — based on scientific reasoning — that life does indeed begin at conception, then destroying human embryos is wrong.

The Nazis threw morality to the side when they decided to conduct experiments on people to “save lives.” They let science do the deciding and jettisoned the most basic considerations for human life. That’s all Obama and his horde of unscientific supporters have done here.

trey hoffman

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