Regarding Jim Chambers’ July 13 letter, “Treated better than the natives“: Chambers sounds as if he has spent his 35 years in Japan in a Roppongi-like lifestyle where foreigners are actually treated better than the natives. His argument that the Japanese need guarantors, too, to rent an apartment is ludicrous. My father, who lives abroad, cannot be my guarantor. Does Chambers see the difference?

In 1991, when I wanted to rent an apartment in Osaka, my Japanese guarantor was refused because he was living in Tokyo — not Osaka. I can show Chambers all the letters of refusal for my credit-card applications, although I am a company president here.

In June I applied for my permanent residency status; without it, you can’t get a mortgage loan unless you go to expensive foreign banks. I applied on the same day as American “celebrity” Charles Jenkins, who was wanted for desertion at one time. Jenkins has already had his status approved, while I’m still waiting. Hundreds of other foreigners with their papers in order will also be kept waiting for six months or more.

Next time Chambers hitchhikes, he should be careful: The Japanese driver who picks him up will probably not have his fingerprints recorded like those of foreigners living here. If he commits a crime against Chambers, he may never be caught.

franceso formiconi