Brahma Chellaney’s June 18 article, Is the India and China hype true?”: India and China do not act alone in challenging the two-century-old Western domination of the world. Indeed, they have history on their side, but they also have strong, dynamic partners. They belong to the BRIC (Brazil, Russia, India, China) group, which rejects unilateralism and seeks to change the way the world order is organized.

In BRIC’s view, building a more democratic international system founded on the rule of law and multilateral diplomacy is an imperative of our era. While representing the world’s fastest growing economies, BRIC is united by many common political and economic interests amid the irreversible process of globalization.

If in 2008 the BRIC economies within the general framework of developing countries grow 6.7 percent, they will manage to outpace growth rates in the United States, Europe and Japan. Becoming more influential politically, BRIC can lead to a gradual shift in key international structures, including an expansion of the Group of Eight and of the composition of the United Nations Security Council. If BRIC’s solidarity proves authentic, it will bring valuable contributions to building a more democratic, fair and stable world.

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