the June 12 article “Upper House hits Fukuda with censure”: I believe that Prime Minister Yasuo Fukuda is a great leader and a healer of recent wounds for both the foreign community and all Japanese women in this country. And Fukuda has never mentioned that the Japanese government believes that I (and other foreign residents) will riot after a major earthquake.

Of course, since the discriminatory immigration law of Nov. 20, 2007 (biometric identification of foreign residents returning to Japan), I am still regarded, after residing 23 years in Kobe, as a terrorist and criminal suspect every time I re-enter the country, but this was not his law.

Also he has not publicly admitted having a “friend of a friend of al-Qaida,” and he has not tried to have the world believe that “comfort women” did not exist during World War II. Best of all, he has not visited Yasukuni Shrine, nor stated that Japanese women are nothing more than breeding machines. So, all in all, he’s a thoroughly good bloke!

martin issott