I still think the answer to carbon dioxide is in trees. It seems to me that the best way to combat the problem is not only to impose restrictions on CO2 producing factors such as industry and traffic, but also to increase the acreage of land used for forests as a permanent means of CO2 storage as well as sanctuaries for threatened wildlife.

I see nothing wrong in spending cash on R&D into CO2 trapping technology, but I just have a feeling that people aren’t seeing wood for the self-reproducing, solar-powered, low-maintenance CO2 capturing capability right in front of them.

Couple this with a new annual national holiday (say the third Sunday in May) synonymous with Australia Earth Hour, and we could be onto the start of something positive. People would be encouraged to spend the time with their friends or family rather than consume electricity or gasoline, with the exemption for emergency services. In time, the day could become as popular as Valentine’s Day, but (dare I say it) more useful.

chris young