On Armed Forces Network radio, iconic American newscaster/commentator Paul Harvey often says “Wash your ears out with this” before delivering a pleasant piece of news. I wonder if it is possible to “wash your eyes out” in the same manner. I’m quite tired of the diatribes in The Japan Times recently about how not to write a letter to the editor.

Last Friday I was riding my bicycle to the station shortly after 6 a.m. A Japanese man smiled and said “Ohayo gozaimasu.” I replied and he asked in Japanese, “Do you have a minute?”

“Sure” I answered.

“My father knows you very well. He always says you are a very polite and nice person.”


“Yes, he used to own the hardware store here,” he said, pointing to a noodle shop.

“Of course I remember him. How is he?”

“He’s just great. He’s 88 now and in the best of health. I just wanted to say something to you so that I could go home and tell him I talked to you.”

What a wonderful way to start a day. I felt good all day. It is so nice to know that, in this day of the ubiquitous cell phone, there still are people who know how to communicate pleasantly.

mike worman