The March 22 article “South Seas dolphins face slaughter or life in captivity” reported that villagers from the Solomon Islands hunt dolphins to obtain their teeth for trading and making jewelry. Chris Porter, owner of a dolphin-export business, tries to save dolphins by selling them to aquariums and theme parks in other countries. Porter also plans to establish a resort in Gavutu for tourists to visit and play with the dolphins.

In my opinion, exporting dolphins is too risky because they are not likely to survive long shipments and flights. Keeping dolphins in captivity for the sole purpose of entertaining tourists is also disturbing.

As a more effective solution, I suggest that the government of Solomon Islands establish laws banning the killing and exporting of their marine mammals. The government should also designate protection zones in the sea for dolphins, which tourists could then visit. I believe these precious marine mammals deserve to live freely, not be shipped away from their homes, killed, or captured to entertain humans.

buyan pan