While I fully agree with most of Dieter Metzger’s comments in his March 16 letter, “Living with Japanese controls,” I would like to straighten out a few errors concerning German procedures:

1. Once he and his wife move to Germany, his wife will receive a free integration class comprising 300 hours of language training and 60 hours on cultural and social items. Although she will have to pass a test, it is important only if she wants to be a German citizen.

2. Once he and his family begin living in Germany and once his wife has her visa (regardless of whether it is for one year, three years or permanent), they will not have to be separated at when passing through the immigration gates. His wife may accompany him through the “European Citizen” counter.

Metzger fails to mention that it is rather easy for his wife to obtain a permanent visa. This will automatically be granted after staying in Germany for four years. By contrast, obtaining a permanent-resident visa for Japan is a very troublesome and time-consuming process indeed.

fritz k. raab