After reading the March 1 article “U.S. anticrime steps little comfort in Okinawa,” I fear I am living in an Orwellian nightmare. Charges have been dropped against U.S. Marine Staff Sgt. Tyrone Hadnott and he has been remanded to U.S. authorities, but the “fear” is still out there and will be fueled in the weeks to come. However one may question the moral compass of an accused rapist, the intentions of the Japanese media and government, and local Okinawan officials, are suspect.

How could a government that repeatedly denies its sexual enslavement of thousands of non-Japanese Asians during World War II so aggressively pursue this alleged crime committed by a foreigner against one of their own, drop the charges, and then act like this alleged crime is still being prosecuted?

I suppose justice, and a 14-year-old girl, have become the newest political weapons at the disposal of the revisionist and xenophobic Japanese media-government establishment.

brian croker