I cannot understand the unnatural love that the media seems to have for Benazir Bhutto. The media has ignored the history of Bhutto and her father. It was Benazir Bhutto who created the mujahedin to occupy Afghanistan and ultimately turn it into a province of Pakistan. Osama bin Laden was trained in Afghanistan by Pakistan’s army. Bin Laden later was feted by then British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher and President Ronald Reagan as Afghanistan’s “Freedom Fighter.”

Benazir Bhutto sent Pakistani forces into Kashmir to drive out non-Muslims, and created the Taliban when the mujahedin would not negotiate with an American oil company. At the request of then U.S. President Bill Clinton, she sent Pakistani fighters into the former Yugoslavia to help create the Islamic states of Bosnia and Kosovo.

Her father, Zulfikar Ali Bhutto, was worse. He instigated an attack against India in 1965, refused to accept Mujibur Rahman as the legitimate prime minister of Pakistan, and started the nuclear-weapons program in Pakistan as a part of his war against India. Benazir Bhutto was supported by the United States, particularly the Clinton administration.

dipak basu