National / History Nov 12, 2020

Bones of Hiroshima A-bomb victims returned by Riken

Japanese government-linked research institute Riken on Thursday handed over remains found after the 1945 atomic bombing of Hiroshima to the western Japan city. The remains, including seven bone fragments and bones in powder form, were apparently collected by a research team from Riken's predecessor in ...

Japan and Russia: Sharing a view of the West

History | THE LIVING PAST Sep 19, 2020

Japan and Russia: Sharing a view of the West

by Michael Hoffman

There are striking affinities between Japan and Russia, noticeable even before either country was fully aware of the other. Both were backward by 19th-century European standards — economically, industrially, scientifically. Both felt it keenly, and responded similarly. Two clashing factions arose in each country — ...