Business | ON THE FRONT LINE Jun 28, 2002

Nikkei may test 13,000 by 2003

by Zenshiro Mizuno

Uncertainties about the prospects of a U.S. economic recovery are putting major stock markets worldwide in a slump. The Dow Jones industrial average is hovering close to its post-Sept. 11 low. The Nikkei average on the Tokyo Stock Exchange is also fluctuating barely above this ...

Business | ON THE FRONT LINE Jun 27, 2002

Upturn no excuse to ignore global realities

by Akio Makabe

Japan's gross domestic product in the January-March quarter grew at an annualized 5.7 percent from the previous quarter. Inventory adjustments by manufacturers in 2001 appear to have run their course. Exports also rose, aided by recoveries in the U.S. and Asia, and Japan's economy may thus ...

Business | ON THE FRONT LINE Jun 20, 2002

Tokyo stock prospects peachy

by Mitsuhiro Nakano

Favorable corporate earnings and economic prospects have not yet been factored into share prices, and price moves on the chart show that the Tokyo stock market has overcorrected itself. On Monday, the 225-issue Nikkei average slipped below the 11,000 level, or 8.3 percent below its ...

Business | ON THE FRONT LINE Jun 14, 2002

Caution, pessimism and uncertainty

by Toshihiko Matsuno

The Nikkei average on the Tokyo Stock Exchange has begun to take a downward path. Market participants, in particular foreign investors, are becoming cautious. While investors were earlier buying shares as they tried to assess the prospects of the economy bottoming out and heading for ...

Business | ON THE FRONT LINE Jun 12, 2002

Exchange rate factors now in state of flux

by Koji Fukaya

First-quarter gross domestic product figures were released last week, but there was no major market reaction as the results were no surprise. Although annualized growth of 5.7 percent is impressive compared with the previous quarter, the figures reaffirmed the nation's economy was driven by exports. While ...

Business | ON THE FRONT LINE Jun 7, 2002

Market likely to struggle for some time

by Hiroshi Sato

The Tokyo stock market opened the month moderately higher Monday, but the rally soon fizzled, dashing hopes that the Nikkei average would soon hit 12,000. Initially, the market reacted calmly to the May 31 lowering of Japan's sovereign debt rating by Moody's Investors Services Inc. ...