Decentralization picking up steam?

National | ELECTION 2009 Aug 21, 2009

Decentralization picking up steam?

by Eric Johnston

OSAKA — Imagine, if you will, Japan in 2018. Following the historic Lower House election in 2009, the country passed legislation that abolished the 47 prefectures and thousands of smaller local governments. In their place are 10 semiautonomous regions with the authority to decide ...

Parties wave flag for child-rearing

National | ELECTION 2009 Aug 13, 2009

Parties wave flag for child-rearing

by Mariko Kato

Child-rearing support is a focal issue in the campaign for the Aug. 30 election as the two main parties fight to woo parents, especially those who both work or have young children. The ruling Liberal Democratic Party and its main rival, the Democratic Party of ...

National | ELECTION 2009 Aug 4, 2009

DPJ to support BOJ autonomy

by Keiko Ujikane and Kyoko Shimodoi

Members of the Democratic Party of Japan said they will support the Bank of Japan's independence if they win the election and govern for the first time. "We should respect the central bank's independence on monetary policy," Tsutomu Okubo, a director of the Upper House ...