Celebrity Naomi Watanabe said Friday she felt "extremely frustrated" that local and foreign media have treated the idea that she dress as a pig for the opening ceremony of the Tokyo Olympics as an official proposal by its head creative director.

"I would have definitely rejected it. It's simply not interesting, and I don't understand the point of it at all," the 33-year-old said during a livestream.

Naomi Watanabe | KYODO
Naomi Watanabe | KYODO

Watanabe, who initially gained fame as a comedian but is now becoming an international fashion icon, explained that while she had been approached at the end of 2019 to appear at the opening ceremony of this summer's Tokyo Games, the proposal presented by choreographer Mikiko at that time was "the best" and different from current reports.

The influential Shukan Bunshun magazine revealed earlier this week that Hiroshi Sasaki, chief executive creative director of this summer's Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics, had proposed last year to a group of planning team members that Watanabe come down from the sky in a pig costume to play the role of an "Olympig" during the opening ceremony.

The committee said Thursday it has accepted Sasaki's offer to resign after he admitted to the proposal in a statement the same day.

"I hope this becomes a catalyst for change. I (use my body to) express myself positively, and I hope others do the same," Watanabe said.

She added that she was "most concerned" about people who have had their feelings hurt just by the attention the incident has received in the media.