The suicide of Seoul’s mayor in the wake of sexual harassment allegations shamed South Korea’s male-dominated society. The April election to replace him is now turning into a battle over women’s rights that could impact the legacy of self-described feminist President Moon Jae-in.

His Democratic Party is expected to put up veteran female politician Park Young-sun to try and retain the mayoral seat in Seoul, which is often seen as a springboard to the presidency. Her main challenger is looking to be Na Kyung-won, one of the most prominent female conservative leaders of the main opposition People Power Party, which has risen in national polls ahead of a presidential election scheduled for next year. The parties will make their official selections in early March.

What’s worse for Moon, another member of his party stepped down last year as mayor of the southern city of Busan after being accused of sexual assault — and was indicted last month. That by-election gives a chance for the conservative opposition to take back the post in a traditional stronghold and deal a blow to Moon’s progressives.