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Juan Guaido's Venezuelan opposition struggling for momentum against Maduro


Venezuelan opposition leader Juan Guaido is struggling to draw protesters into the streets after calling for daily demonstrations to drive President Nicolas Maduro from power.

A few dozen Guaido supporters scuffled with security forces on Monday in Caracas, falling far short of what the opposition had hoped to achieve.

At a large demonstration on Saturday, Guaido appealed for sustained protests against the government.

School teacher Yldemar Acevedo joined a small gathering of protesters on Monday. She says she is determined to continue demonstrating.

Another Caracas resident, Ofelia Briceno, says she won’t protest again until the opposition has a clear plan for luring the military away from Maduro.

Guaido drew huge crowds when he declared himself interim president in January. Many thought change was imminent, but Maduro has kept power.