Hezbollah TV airs footage it says shows anti-Israel attack


Hezbollah’s Al-Manar TV on Monday aired footage it said showed a missile attack by the Iran-backed Lebanese group against an Israeli military vehicle the day before.

The video purported to show a missile being launched toward a moving armored vehicle before an explosion sent large clouds of white smoke into the sky.

“The first Kornet anti-tank missile is launched at the target and then, from another position, a second missile is fired to ensure the target is destroyed,” a voiceover said.

The target, which Hezbollah identified as a Wolf armored vehicle, was 1.5 km (1 mile) from the Lebanese-Israeli frontier and 4 km from the launch site of the first missile, Al-Manar said.

Hezbollah on Sunday said its fighters had “destroyed a military vehicle on the road to the Avivim barracks, killing and wounding those inside.

Israel’s army said it had responded with around 100 artillery shells after Hezbollah fired two or three anti-tank missiles at a battalion headquarters and military ambulance, hitting both.

Israeli officials rebuffed claims by the Iranian-backed movement that it had killed and wounded those inside the military vehicle, saying there were no casualties.

Sunday’s exchange of fire over the Lebanese-Israeli border came one week after Hezbollah accused Israel of carrying out a drone attack on its southern Beirut stronghold.

On Aug. 24, Israel also said it had carried out strikes in Syria to avert an Iranian drone attack on the Jewish state. Hezbollah said those strikes killed two of its members.

Israel has carried hundreds of strikes in war-torn Syria, mostly against what it says are Iranian or Hezbollah targets.

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