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Drunken Australian busted in Bali over rampage


An Australian tourist was arrested in Bali after a drunken rampage that saw him fly-kick a motorcyclist, damage a convenience store and break into a home where he assaulted the owner, police said.

Nicholas Carr’s alcohol-fueled campaign of destruction — caught in a now-viral video — started early Saturday when the 26-year-old ran barefoot onto a street in Seminyak, a popular tourist area of the Indonesian holiday island.

As he shouted expletives, the apprentice builder slammed into the bonnet of a moving car before fly-kicking an unsuspecting local motorbike rider. The rider, who was thrown from the moving scooter, sustained minor injuries, according to police.

Carr then shattered a convenience store’s glass door before stealing a motorcycle. Later, he broke into a house where he assaulted the sleeping homeowner, leaving him with injuries, police said.

He was eventually caught by locals and police and taken to hospital. Pictures circulating on social media show him bloodied and bruised, and trussed with hosepipe and rope.

Carr, who has been charged with assault and property damage, could face more than two years in jail if convicted, police said.

He was paraded before the media on Monday wearing an orange jail jumpsuit, and admitted drinking more than 10 small bottles of vodka as well as other alcohol.

“I was very drunk and I apologize. I don’t remember anything at all,” he told reporters.

“I just want to apologize to everyone, the victims, the Bali people, to anyone affected by this,” he added.

Millions of tourists visit Bali annually. Some are arrested for a range of offenses, including serious crimes such as drug trafficking, which carries the death penalty.

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