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65-year-old Serbian aiming for date with flight attendant makes fake bomb threat


A Serbian has confessed to calling in a fake bomb threat to Belgrade airport because he was hoping for a date with a flight attendant, local media reported Saturday.

The 65-year old, identified as Z.N., told a Belgrade court that he had met a Lufthansa flight attendant in Belgrade and wanted to date her.

On Wednesday, having failed to find her in her hotel, he called the Nikola Tesla airport and reported that a bomb had been placed in a Lufthansa plane. The idea, he said, was to keep her in town, the media reported.

The 130 passengers and five crew members had to be evacuated and were forced to wait several hours while a special police unit checked the plane.

Police tracked down the culprit after tracing the landline he had used to make the call.

The court ordered the man held in custody for 30 days, and he will be charged with causing panic and unrest.