Hungarian authorities identify 27th victim, a South Korean, of May Danube boat sinking


Hungarian police said Saturday they had identified the 27th victim of the sinking of a boat carrying South Korean tourists in the capital, Budapest, on 29 May, leaving one person still missing from the disaster.

Police said in a statement that the body of the female victim was found Friday in the River Danube near the village of Makad, around 50 km (31 miles) south of Budapest.

“Participants of the search are still looking for one South Korean passenger,” the statement said.

Thirty-five people, all of them South Koreans except for the Hungarian captain and a crew member, were on the Mermaid sightseeing boat when it collided with a river cruise vessel and quickly sank on a busy stretch of the river in the heart of the capital.

Only seven South Koreans survived.

The search for the missing along the Danube, from the accident site to the southern border with Serbia, has been the largest ever search operation mounted in Hungary, according to authorities.

The Ukrainian captain of the larger vessel, the Viking Sigyn, which collided with the Mermaid, is under investigation on suspicion of “endangering waterborne traffic resulting in multiple deaths.”