Kirin's Spring Valley Brewery to introduce beer-a-day subscription service at Ginza restaurant


Tokyo-based Spring Valley Brewery Co. will start a monthly subscription service to allow customers to try one glass of a selected beer each weekday.

Customers will be able to choose a 250-milliliter glass of beer from a lineup of up to 17 varieties each weekday for a monthly fee of ¥2,496, according to the Thursday announcement by the Kirin Brewery Co. subsidiary.

To use the service, which will be available from Monday at the company’s Beer To Go restaurant in the Ginza district of Tokyo, it will be necessary to register for an online membership.

Spring Valley Brewery aims to attract office workers around the district and young people by offering them opportunities to easily try various kinds of beers.

The company forecasts a 20 percent increase in sales at the restaurant, anticipating that frequent visits by member customers will boost orders for additional glasses of beer and foods.

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