Emperor Emeritus Akihito concludes abdication-linked rituals with visit to Kyoto mausoleums


Emperor Emeritus Akihito concluded a series of Shin’etsu no Gi rituals related to his recent abdication with a tour of the mausoleums of two of his ancestors in Kyoto on Wednesday.

The emperor emeritus, accompanied by his wife, Empress Emerita Michiko, visited the mausoleums of Emperor Komei and Emperor Meiji to report his April 30 abdication. The abdication rituals began on March 12.

It was the couple’s first visit to the mausoleum of Emperor Komei since November 1999, and the first visit to that of Emperor Meiji since December 2012.

Emperor Emeritus Akihito, dressed in a morning coat and with a silk hat in hand, entered the gates of Emperor Komei’s mausoleum shortly before 11 a.m. Wednesday.

After walking up the 123-meter sloped path to the mausoleum, he offered a tamagushi ritual Shinto offering and prayed. Empress Emerita Michiko, clad in gray clothing for worship, prayed after him.

The former emperor arrived at Emperor Meiji’s mausoleum around 1 p.m., where he slowly walked toward the mausoleum and prayed after offering another tamagushi. The former empress followed suit.

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