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Rules revised to ensure time in Japan under new Type 1 visa won't count toward permanent residency


The Immigration Services Agency on Friday revised its guidelines for granting permanent residency permits to foreign nationals to assuage concerns that newly introduced visa categories could lead to a surge in permanent foreign residents.

The new guidelines exclude the time spent in Japan under the Type 1 resident status introduced in April and the technical trainee status from being counted in the minimum five-year work requirement for granting permanent residency.

To gain permanent residence, foreign nationals are required to have lived in Japan for 10 or more years and stayed in the country for at least five years under a residential status that permits employment.

The Type 1 status, which is granted to foreign workers with certain professional skills, allows up to five years of residency in Japan.

Additionally, the agency changed the tax and other requirements in the guidelines to be more specific, in a move that seeks to grant permanent residency permits to those paying taxes and insurance premiums.