Japan to keep North Korea-linked association Chongryon under surveillance


The government said Friday that the pro-Pyongyang General Association of Korean Residents in Japan, or Chongryon, remains subject to surveillance under the Subversive Activities Prevention Law.

The government “can’t deny the possibility that the association will conduct destructive activities depending on future circumstances,” it said in a written response to a question from Lower House member Jin Matsubara.

The government recognizes that members of groups under the wing of the association were involved in three cases of abductions of Japanese nationals by North Korea, it said.

The government response also touched on the history of Chongryon to support its argument for placing the group under continued surveillance.

One of the precursors to Chongryon, known as Minsen, which was formed in 1951 and disbanded four years later with the establishment of Chongryon, “is suspected of having carried out destructive activities,” the government said, adding that Chongryon still has a close relationship with North Korea.

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